Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Update

Jolie's mom and stepdad came last week for the football game on Friday night and stayed until this morning. We had lots of fun visiting, working in the garden, playing heated games of Mexican Train (dominoes) and eating way too much good food (including a huge turkey dinner on Sunday).

Lysa and I have been taking our walks around Lafarge Lake in the evenings, when it's cooler. Tonight, we went with a new friend I met through Wednesday night Bible study. We had a good talk and got our exercise!

Still haven't got to Wal-mart to hunt for a bathing suit - MUST do that this weekend, before Lysa goes mad with boredom this summer. Layni volunteered to fix my old one with "sterling silver" bobby pins. She is too funny.

I've been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series... I'm on #6 of eight. It's fun going back in time... to the early 1900's, but also to my childhood days when I first read them. It's funny how I perceive different things in the books now as opposed to then... relating to the adults in the books, rather than the children, for example.

Tonight, I watched No Country for Old Men with Marty. Like There Will Be Blood, it was beautifully acted and shot, but not quite satisfying for me in the end. After those two movies, I need to see a comedy - immediately!

Okay, going to bed now. It's ridiculous that I'm still up!