Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shopping Frustration

I have been looking for a bathing suit so I can take Lysa to the pool this summer, as she LOVES it there and will happily spend hours in the water. When I went to Tigh-Na-Mara, I realized the elastic in my bathing suit has finally given out - thank goodness there weren't a lot of people around, haha!

I now realize two things in my pursuit of swimwear. Swimsuits are now made solely for people who:

1. Want to wear an itty-bitty string bikini


2. Who have big breasts.

I am neither of those people. I just want an affordable swimsuit that fits - is that too much to ask? I find that one-piece swimsuits don't fit me because I don't have the curves to fill them out, especially on top, so I'm looking for a two piece tank top style that is DECENT and I can comfortably wear in public and not have to worry about showing off things I don't want to show off while maneuvering Lysa around. But all I can find anywhere are these ridiculously skimpy bikini tops or one-piece bathing suits that are way too big. The closest I came was a $40 girls' extra, extra large at Sears... but I don't want to pay that much money for a swimsuit that's really too snug... I'm hoping to get to the Lougheed mall soon and have better luck there.

All I want is a bathing suit that fits so I can take Lysa to the pool!!!


krista said...

Worst is the skimpy little macrame suits in Hailee's size now... it's sickening. Why would they make those for girls so young?! What respectable mother would let her ten year old wear stuff like that (actually they had them in sizes as small as 8 if you can believe that!)

just one more reason to hate summer!!! LOL! I hate bathing suits too!

Family Of Five said...

Sears clearance..... or I bought mine at Costco!
Um.... the skimpy little suits come in baby sizes too now!

krista said...

Oh wow, that's pretty horrifying!