Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Surprise

A couple of days ago, I got a call from my college friend, Yuriko, who lives in Tokyo. She is visiting Canada for a couple weeks (she lived in Toronto for ten years before moving back to Japan when she married last summer) and wondered if we could get together. So this afternoon, we met at Metrotown, had lunch and visited the dollar store together (some joys are international!). It was so good to see my old friend again - she is such a sweet, loving soul and it was an unexpected blessing in my summer. I am so thankful for the life-long friends I made at Houghton College - they are worth every penny I'm repaying in student loans... yes, indeed, that makes them worth a LOT, haha!

Jolie and I are finding ourselves tremendously distracted by the Olympics, especially the gymnastics and the triathalon... Simon Whitfield pulled off an amazing comeback to win silver... us girls were screaming and cheering him on the last couple minutes of the race. I was beginning to worry that we weren't going to win any medals, but I think that as Canadians we truly celebrate each one we win.

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Maria said...

I am truly distracted by the Olympics too!! It's crazy... I could sit and watch stuff that I don't ever watch or even have any interest in - but it's the OLYMPICS... so I watch, mesmerized... I think that Canada's athletes are all doing great, medal or not. The experience of being there for them will prepare them for another Olympic's in 2012 (and possibly medals then) and many of our athletes are breaking Canadian records and finishing within the top 10 in the world. That's fantastic!!