Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School

Wow. The summer is gone and the kids are back in school. Mattias started kindergarten and the girls are in Grade 3 - unbelievable. It seems time goes faster with every passing year... pretty soon, I won't be able to keep up! Layni got a new Hannah Montana backpack, so life is good for her :) (Good-bye Dora, Good-bye Barbie, Good-bye Disney Princesses... we will miss you!) Lysa has had a very busy couple days. Not only back to school, but she got her Botox injections in her calves so she can get her new leg splints made in a couple weeks and she got her fancy new bath seat, which goes up and down to make getting her in and out easier... I think she just thinks it's a cool carnival ride. She would happily wear the battery out, zooming up and down!

The grown-ups watched "Be Kind, Rewind" last night. I was expecting a glossy, slapstick, stupid comedy, but it was more of a warm-hearted, funny indie type film. Jack Black always makes me laugh.

I'm looking forward to Bible study and scrapbooking starting up again... and of course, vacation in three weeks to see all my family and friends in New Brunswick!

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Family Of Five said...

YES! Remind me again when scrapbooking is.... Lenore is coming out of her skin waiting!