Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

On Friday, I spent the day with my best friend, Alisha, her mom, Sharon and her daughter, Ella. We started our day together by going to The Owl's Nest, which I think is the most amazing second hand bookstore I've ever been in. It is a huge maze of rooms filled floor to ceiling with books on every subject... I could easily spend days in there browsing. After lunch at Pizza Delight (where Ella got the cutest "cat" pizza with a face made out of olives with licorice whiskers), we went to The Lighthouse (another favourite bookstore with a huge clearance section) and Value Village. After a quick supper, we hit Chapters (do we see a theme developing here? Sharon and Alisha love books as much as I do!) and Walmart. I spent a lot of money but got lots of birthday and Christmas presents to leave at home so I am saving money on postage! It was a wonderful day with my dear friends, doing our favourite things - talking, laughing, eating and looking at books!

Saturday, my parents and I were up at 4:30 so we could be at the farmer's market in Fredericton by 6:00 AM. Lots of fresh produce, baked goods and handmade items including jewelery, beautiful wood work, and art. Mom and I supplemented our meager night's sleep with a nap in the afternoon. It is so nice not to have a schedule for awhile, to sleep when you want to (for as long as you want to!) and not always be worrying about rushing to get something done or get somewhere on time. My older brother, Dan, picked me up in the afternoon and we loaded up on movies. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (the first one is the only one worth watching over and over) and an action movie called Crank (I liked the Transporter movies starring the same guy much better) as well as Resurrecting the Champ (I was pleasantly surprised and recommend it!) and Sex and the City (which we watched with Dan's wife, Melissa) and which I loved as much this third time around. Sunday afternoon, Dan and I went to the Fredericton flea market and bowling... fun and good for many laughs on Dan's part as he watched my skill (or rather, lack thereof) in action ;)

Despite the rainy weather the past couple days (vestiges of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Kyle), I've enjoyed seeing the vibrant colours of autumn... this place is so beautiful... my BC friends, I wish you could experience it!

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