Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Should See My Bed...

One more day (two sleeps) and then I'll be in the air, flying to New Brunswick. My bed is loaded with my suitcase, duffel bag and stuff to take home. They're charging $75 now for each overweight bag, so I'm trying to distribute everything evenly and praying that I'll be under 50 pounds each. I have so much stuff to take back for people, that I'm not sure I'll have room enough for my actual clothes... oh well, Frenchie's here I come! That's one of the best thrift stores on the East Coast. I can't believe it's almost here! Funny, I'm the only one bursting with excitement in this household; otherwise, there's a distinct feeling of dread and impending doom. It's nice to know I'm appreciated - and I'm sure they will survive without me ;) I'm also quite sure they will be very happy to have me back!

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