Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Day

You would think I would learn by now that just expressing my feelings helps tremendously... I've got to do it more often, instead of staying inside my head. So after pouring out my heart late last night, I had a good day today. Layni and I went to church, and the service was geared towards the kids who stayed throughout the whole service instead of going up to Kidzone... and for the big kids among us, who love the songs with actions and the funny skits and the pastor dressing up and telling us stories as King David. Afterwards, we went out to lunch with friends and the kids had such a great time together, the goofballs! They made me laugh. I came home and had a quiet, relaxing afternoon to myself. I had a nap, read Gone with the Wind (Jolie just finished it and told me I have to read it quickly so we can watch the movie together - the history involved is fascinating!), watched Sex and the City, and worked on my new dishcloth addiction. My mom is an amazing knitter, but I've only ever mastered dishcloths (and a baby blanket for my best friend's daughter, which took two and a half years and a lot of sweat and tears... and it was nothing fancy!). While I was home this fall, my mom taught me to purl (I told you, I am an amateur!) so it's opened a whole new world of dishcloth patterns. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas! Put your order in soon, haha. Tonight, we all watched The Amazing Race together and then Jolie and I had our Desperate Housewives fix. It was a good day filled with simple pleasures. I am blessed with friends and family and a faithful God, and I am grateful.

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Family Of Five said...

It really does help to vent! I've been told that my blog was negative.... but for me....Just getting the negative thoughts out sometimes helps clear them from my head and heart! Having someone listen is so much different!