Thursday, October 02, 2008

Running Around

I'm off for a week of running around to visit family and friends. I am really grateful for everyone who is going out of their way to chauffeur me around from one place to the next - especially my best friend and my parents. In Coquitlam, I can pretty much walk everywhere I need to or catch a bus for the occasional longer trip, but here, you really need to know how to drive... or have fabulous friends and family! I am excited to see my cousins, who I missed last year because of a family health crisis; to explore Minister's Island with my parents on Sunday; to visit my best friend and celebrate her daughter's 4th birthday next week; to hang out with my aunt, who loves books and movies as much as I do; and to see my wonderful friends who are driving down from Peticodiac. I am so blessed with so many loved ones, and I am so grateful for this time I get to spend with them... but I will be glad to get back and see my "family" and friends in Coquitlam too!


Family Of Five said...

Missing you..... :)

Maria said...

When do you get back?

Anonymous said...

I get back next Wednesday... I will probably be exhausted at Bible study on Thursday, but I'm planning on being there!