Sunday, November 02, 2008

Madonna , Halloween and a 22nd Birthday

It was a busy week with three big events - the Madonna concert on Thursday night, Halloween festivities both Thursday and Friday at the girls' school, and a birthday to celebrate on Sunday.

Jolie, Marty, Layni and I arrived at GM Place at 8:00 PM, and waited for one and a half hours for Madonna to finally take the stage. I alternately stewed at having to wait (I hate waiting and people who aren't punctual!) and prayed for Madonna and her family as they're going through this difficult time in their lives. As Marty pointed out, it would have been a lot cheaper and we would have actually seen a lot more if we just bought the concert DVD that will inevitably come out, but nonetheless, it was a memorable experience - thanks, Jolie and Marty! Layni did well (though she was disappointed we were in level three instead of having front row seats!) until finally falling asleep about one and a half hours into the show. I must say, she performed non-stop for almost two hours - that woman has stamina I can only dream about! My favourite parts were her renditions of my favourite song off her new album, She's Not Me, and You Must Love Me from the Evita soundtrack - and when she sang Like A Virgin with the audience... one of the few times she seemed more relaxed and having fun, rather than just relentlessly performing.

Lysa woke up with pink eye on Thursday morning, and so missed the Halloween festivities at school and trick or treating on Friday night. However, we had a great time nonetheless. She dressed up as a 50's rock chick, we handed out candy to the neighbourhood kids, ate chocolate, watched DVDs, cuddled and laughed, while Layni a.k.a. Disco Dracula and Mattias a.k.a. Iron Man, scared up some candy with their friends up at Hampton Park.

Today, I celebrated my 22nd birthday as a Christian. Yes, 22 years ago on a Sunday afternoon in my bedroom in Lincoln, New Brunswick, I decided I believed God was real and that Jesus had died for my sins and so accepted His love and committed my life to Him. Oh, He knows that I have often not been faithful to Him in my laziness and doubts and apathy, but He has been unrelentingly faithful to me, and though I often think I have so little faith, I have always had that mustard seed to keep me hanging onto Him. I don't think I would have survived the last 22 years without Him and I know my life would not be as blessed as it is if He wasn't the centre of it. So thank You, Jesus, for saving me from myself and for all the love You have poured into my life... and for Your neverending faithfulness. I pray that I will grow closer to You every day of my life and that I will shine Your love for all to see. I pray that everyone else (especially my loved ones) will know Your amazing love and grace and faithfulness and joy and peace and goodness in their lives... all that You are and all that You want to be for us!

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HomeSchooler said...

I hate waiting and people who aren't punctual!

Really? But you've told me many times that you loved me!!!! Were you lying? Do you really hate me? *Weep weep*

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad we met not long after that marvelous day. Changed my life forever!

Oh, and you can publicly announce that which you want... ;-) The news is out all over here now!