Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

I wish I'd been more faithful in keeping up this blog if only so I could remember what's been happening the past few months! Some random things I do remember ~

~ Layni is now a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, so you'd better watch out! She has also been accepted into a class for gifted students next year - hopefully, it will challenge her and get her excited about learning. She attended the Upward Cheerleading camp at church, which of course, she loved.

~ Lysa is doing great and having fun with all her new equipment... riding her trike, enjoying the backyard swing, and being very successful on her new commode. She may never be fully toilet trained, but she loves going on it. She minds the heat as much as I do, so we've been hibernating in the basement or her air-conditioned room the past few days, listening to music, reading books and watching her favourite DVDs; occasionally sneaking out for a quick walk if it cools down enough at night.

~ Mattias got a buzz cut like his dad to combat the heat - he's looking very cool. He had a great time at the Upward basketball camp at church and won a T-ball trophy earlier this summer.

~ I had a great time visiting my family and friends in NB in May, especially meeting my best friend's twin boys, who will be six months old in just a few days - incredible how fast the time goes! I will eventually get the pictures off my camera, I'm sure. I suck at anything remotely technological!

~ My baby brother is turning 30 in a few days. Does this mean we're officially getting old? Haha!

~ I've been reading Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan series and Dorothy Gilman's Mrs. Pollifax series this summer, among other things. Fun, fast reads!

~ This heat is getting to me. I seriously don't even want to step outside when it's this hot. I don't want to do anything. I know I will be complaining when it's rainy and cold, and I'm not proud of it, but I like nice, moderate temperatures, what can I say?

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Must get the kids and myself to bed and Jake is begging for his bedtime snack, and is threatening to scratch me. Boys do get grouchy when they're hungry, whether human or feline. Oh, who are we kidding? So do I!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

True Love... I Am Reminded That It Does Still Exist

Life has been busy and I've not been blogging much, but I had to share this. My best friend's husband wrote this post about a couple I only know through hearing Alisha and Derek speak of them, but I have grown to admire and care for them deeply. My prayers are with them and I pray that whatever the future holds, God will be close to them and bless them for demonstrating such a beautiful, committed love in this crazy world. I think they are amazing, and I hope I can demonstrate that kind of faith and love in my life.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I had great fun watching Twilight with friends last night and staying up super-late to catch up with a friend... not so much fun today living with my four hours sleep! It was a beautiful sunny day today, though still cool (will I ever be packing away heavy winter sweaters and my heating blanket?!). Marty headed over to Surrey to cheer Mattias on at his first T-ball game. Jolie had a meeting with another store in New Westminster called Cherish that is going to carry her jewelery. The girls and I went out for a walk, got sundaes at McDonalds (one of DeeDee's favourite treats) and stopped by the fair. I wanted to get cotton candy for Lysa's Easter basket and thought I might take them on the merry-go-round... until I realized it would cost $12 for the three of us - I don't think so!!! Ridiculous. I'm too cheap and too broke right now, so I bought Layni a hotdog and pop to support cancer research and we headed home instead. Lysa kicked around watching her Foursquare DVD while Layni and I had fun raking the yard and making a HUGE pile of branches, pine cones and needles to jump on top of. Marty came home (with Mattias who had lots of fun playing ball with his friends) and looked at me as if I was crazy. "Why don't you just put it into the green waste container instead of making a big pile in the yard?" I explained to Marty the difference between getting a kid to rake for two hours to make a big cool pile to jump on, which is fun, versus raking for two hours to put it in the green waste bin, which is work. Still not sure that he got it, but Layni definitely understood the difference ;) And the yard looks great! Tonight Layni watched the latest Barbie movie (The Diamond Castle) which makes me happy that she's still not too cool for that yet. When I was eight, I was eight. She's eight going on sixteen which scares me sometimes!

Three years ago, I wrote about the wonder of Layni learning to ride a two-wheeler all by herself. Well, yesterday at school, Lysa got her tricycle adjusted and was riding it all by herself! I guess she had so much fun zooming around, trying to run people over and half the school staff came out to cheer her on. Wish I had been there, but she'll probably bring it home for the summer so I'll get to see the action soon enough... way to go, Lysa!

Last Tuesday night, we had our first drop-in crafts night at the church. We had about a dozen women who made cards, brought scrapbooking and knitting. One lovely lady brought Dutch Blitz, which had a few of us going mad... I'm sure we could have happily played all night! But since we were in a church, I managed to control my mouth. As my best friend can attest, when we play, we're yelling at and insulting each other - all in the love of Jesus, of course ;)

Okay, I've got to get to bed so I'm not grumpy tomorrow... Layni's waiting for her sleepover in my room tonight with our Webkinz (I now have two - Lincoln, the Cocoa Dino and Violet, the Spotted Dino). Good night all!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

They're Home!

At six weeks old, my best friend's twin boys finally came home from the hospital! You can see pictures and read an update here on her blog. Six more weeks and I get to meet them when I go home to NB in May! Both NB and BC are "home" now ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

For the Love of DeeDee

Today I temporarily overcame my aversion to the crowded, germy public swimming pool so that DeeDee could have one fun outing on Spring Break. This week has been mostly rainy so we haven't been able to get out for walks every day, like we'd like to. DeeDee and I were able to get out once to the library to get some books and then stopped at McDonalds so she could get her chocolate sundae; otherwise, the poor kid has been stuck inside all week, though she has been happy listening to her music, watching her FourSquare DVDs, reading stories and playing on the Priory Woods website. She is such a great kid; maybe it's not fair to compare, but I really wish her happy, positive attitude would rub off on the other two!

Anyway, Marty and I took all three kids to the Hyde Creek pool (it was the first time there for me and DeeDee, as it's not within walking distance, of course!) this afternoon. Much to my and DeeDee's disappointment, the water slide was closed down for some reason, but we had lots of fun splashing and playing in the pool anyway. I don't know if it's just been a long time since I've been to the pool (last summer) or if Hyde Creek is worse than the one here by the library, but the chlorine had my eyes stinging and me coughing my lungs up... Layni had some bad coughing fits too, but it didn't seem to bother DeeDee at all. We stayed for a couple of hours and I'm sure DeeDee would have happily stayed longer... she loves the water! Isn't it funny how when you're a kid, going to the pool is so exciting and fun, but as an adult, it's so gross? Or is that just me?!

Oh, and it was so weird - at one point, we looked out the windows, and it looked like a hurricane outside, sheets of rain and trees doubled over from the wind. By the time we drove home though, it was clear with patches of blue sky and a hint of sun. The weather is so wacky nowadays!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Proud... and amused!

The girls just got their report cards before spring break. I was very happy and proud to read the teacher's comments on Layni's report:

Elayna's attitude toward her school work has improved significantly this past term. She no longer sighs, rolls her eyes or slouches at her desk when asked to complete something she does not want to do. Instead, she puts a smile on her face and works diligently to complete the task. She uses class time effectively and responds positively toward redirection and encouragement. Keep up the great work Elayna!

I guess it would be asking far too much to have the same attitude adjustment at home ;)

The comments on Lysa's report card are just as positive but had me laughing so hard I cried... of course, that could just be my strange sense of humour!

Elysa has the ability to brighten the most dismal day. When she comes into the classroom giggling or singing her classmates and myself stop, smile and feel content. Her laughter is infectious. It tends to generate a wave of emotion that can only be described as uplifting. For the past several weeks, Elysa has not spent a great deal of time in the classroom due to her new toileting schedule.

I can just see them all for the past several weeks, crying at their desks without Lysa's "wave of emotion" to uplift them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Alive ;)

I have been a terrible blogger the past few months, so here is a very quick rundown:

December was crazy busy as usual with five out of six birthdays, Christmas, and all the extra school and church activities. I ended up getting snowed into Vancouver for Christmas so enjoyed a quiet day here, opening presents with Jolie, Marty and the girls and then I think the grown-ups took a nap in the afternoon, after the kids went to their grandparents... you know you're old when ;) Finally made it to my brother's in Calgary on Boxing Day, where he treated me to movies, a junior league hockey game and a NHL hockey game and the Zoo Lights, as well as visiting with his girlfriend and my uncle, aunt and cousins, and doing some Boxing Day shopping. I experienced my first taste of Wii (bowling and golfing) at my uncle's house - it was hilarious and quite addictive!

January was quite a dark and depressing month for me, although I enjoyed the return of one of my greatest TV addictions, Lost; discovery of a new one - Flight of the Conchords; and our church's latest Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Proverbs - studying what the Bible has to say about such practical matters as friendship, money, sexuality, relationships, anxiety etc. I highly recommend it!

February has been a brighter month, emotionally if not necessarily weather-wise ;) Jolie and I have finished an intensive week of doing inventory for her business... counting hundreds of thousands of beads and crystals, among other things. Thank God that's over! And of course, the birth of my best friend's twins on Groundhog's Day was a big surprise to start off the month!

Layni's Webkinz obsession has spread to the rest of the household - once she sucked Mommy in, there was no turning back! So we all got a Webkin for Valentine's Day. Mine is the Cocoa Dinosaur... brown and pink and so adorable; I named him Lincoln after my hometown. I'm currently addicted to the game Smoothie Moves ; Layni got me hooked.

So that's my life the past few months and I'm really going to try to be more diligent at blogging, if only so that I have something to look back on, reminding me what's happened in my life ;)

My Groundhog's Day Surprise!

On the afternoon of February 2nd, my best friend Alisha gave birth to Henry Harold, 4 lbs 2 oz, and Eli Derek, 3 lbs 11 oz by emergency Caesarean section. These beautiful boys surprised their parents by arriving exactly two months before their due date. The first few days were stressful as Alisha was in intensive care with HELLP syndrome. Thankfully, after much prayer, medication, and a couple blood transfusions, her liver and kidney function returned to normal and she was just released from the hospital yesterday. The boys are doing very well; they have been breathing on their own and their potassium levels are down to normal as well. They have started to catch onto the idea of nursing, and just need to gain some weight in the next few weeks so they can head home to be with the rest of their family. I will be heading back to New Brunswick at the beginning of May to meet them and visit with my friends and family for a couple weeks... I can't wait!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jake's Birthday

At the end of November, Jake's 11th birthday kicked off the beginning of our crazy Christmas/birthday season. We went all out with decorations, presents and cake (for us; an appropriate feline treat for Jake!) Having been a live-in nanny for over five years, Jake has become as much a part of my family as Jolie and the girls. I never had a pet growing up and I've never been much of an animal person - except for a select few who have wormed their way into my hearts... but I love my Jakey. Like Lysa, he helps keep us all sane. Truly, he's a person in a cat's body and I can't imagine our lives without him!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year...

I was just looking through my 2008 calendar on my desk before I recycle it... dates marked off for birthdays, Bible study, scrapbooking, church events, coffee dates, school activities... how fast a year goes. In January, my high school friend had a bone marrow transplant and in March, my friend Sandra came for a visit... a few months later, they were both gone, dead from cancer. This past year has held so many tragedies for people I love, so many trials. I tend to get weighed down by all the negative, but there have been wonderful things too... visits with my family in NB and Calgary, a girls' trip to Tigh-Na-Mara in June, all the wonderful pleasures of everyday life. I am tremendously blessed to be rich in family and friends and the ability to savour the simple joys of each day, and I am so grateful for all the good things in my life. I can't believe another year is gone... the older I get, the faster time flies by... it scares me sometimes. I don't want to miss out on life while I'm trying to catch up to it!