Saturday, March 21, 2009

They're Home!

At six weeks old, my best friend's twin boys finally came home from the hospital! You can see pictures and read an update here on her blog. Six more weeks and I get to meet them when I go home to NB in May! Both NB and BC are "home" now ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

For the Love of DeeDee

Today I temporarily overcame my aversion to the crowded, germy public swimming pool so that DeeDee could have one fun outing on Spring Break. This week has been mostly rainy so we haven't been able to get out for walks every day, like we'd like to. DeeDee and I were able to get out once to the library to get some books and then stopped at McDonalds so she could get her chocolate sundae; otherwise, the poor kid has been stuck inside all week, though she has been happy listening to her music, watching her FourSquare DVDs, reading stories and playing on the Priory Woods website. She is such a great kid; maybe it's not fair to compare, but I really wish her happy, positive attitude would rub off on the other two!

Anyway, Marty and I took all three kids to the Hyde Creek pool (it was the first time there for me and DeeDee, as it's not within walking distance, of course!) this afternoon. Much to my and DeeDee's disappointment, the water slide was closed down for some reason, but we had lots of fun splashing and playing in the pool anyway. I don't know if it's just been a long time since I've been to the pool (last summer) or if Hyde Creek is worse than the one here by the library, but the chlorine had my eyes stinging and me coughing my lungs up... Layni had some bad coughing fits too, but it didn't seem to bother DeeDee at all. We stayed for a couple of hours and I'm sure DeeDee would have happily stayed longer... she loves the water! Isn't it funny how when you're a kid, going to the pool is so exciting and fun, but as an adult, it's so gross? Or is that just me?!

Oh, and it was so weird - at one point, we looked out the windows, and it looked like a hurricane outside, sheets of rain and trees doubled over from the wind. By the time we drove home though, it was clear with patches of blue sky and a hint of sun. The weather is so wacky nowadays!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Proud... and amused!

The girls just got their report cards before spring break. I was very happy and proud to read the teacher's comments on Layni's report:

Elayna's attitude toward her school work has improved significantly this past term. She no longer sighs, rolls her eyes or slouches at her desk when asked to complete something she does not want to do. Instead, she puts a smile on her face and works diligently to complete the task. She uses class time effectively and responds positively toward redirection and encouragement. Keep up the great work Elayna!

I guess it would be asking far too much to have the same attitude adjustment at home ;)

The comments on Lysa's report card are just as positive but had me laughing so hard I cried... of course, that could just be my strange sense of humour!

Elysa has the ability to brighten the most dismal day. When she comes into the classroom giggling or singing her classmates and myself stop, smile and feel content. Her laughter is infectious. It tends to generate a wave of emotion that can only be described as uplifting. For the past several weeks, Elysa has not spent a great deal of time in the classroom due to her new toileting schedule.

I can just see them all for the past several weeks, crying at their desks without Lysa's "wave of emotion" to uplift them!