Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Proud... and amused!

The girls just got their report cards before spring break. I was very happy and proud to read the teacher's comments on Layni's report:

Elayna's attitude toward her school work has improved significantly this past term. She no longer sighs, rolls her eyes or slouches at her desk when asked to complete something she does not want to do. Instead, she puts a smile on her face and works diligently to complete the task. She uses class time effectively and responds positively toward redirection and encouragement. Keep up the great work Elayna!

I guess it would be asking far too much to have the same attitude adjustment at home ;)

The comments on Lysa's report card are just as positive but had me laughing so hard I cried... of course, that could just be my strange sense of humour!

Elysa has the ability to brighten the most dismal day. When she comes into the classroom giggling or singing her classmates and myself stop, smile and feel content. Her laughter is infectious. It tends to generate a wave of emotion that can only be described as uplifting. For the past several weeks, Elysa has not spent a great deal of time in the classroom due to her new toileting schedule.

I can just see them all for the past several weeks, crying at their desks without Lysa's "wave of emotion" to uplift them!

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