Saturday, April 04, 2009


I had great fun watching Twilight with friends last night and staying up super-late to catch up with a friend... not so much fun today living with my four hours sleep! It was a beautiful sunny day today, though still cool (will I ever be packing away heavy winter sweaters and my heating blanket?!). Marty headed over to Surrey to cheer Mattias on at his first T-ball game. Jolie had a meeting with another store in New Westminster called Cherish that is going to carry her jewelery. The girls and I went out for a walk, got sundaes at McDonalds (one of DeeDee's favourite treats) and stopped by the fair. I wanted to get cotton candy for Lysa's Easter basket and thought I might take them on the merry-go-round... until I realized it would cost $12 for the three of us - I don't think so!!! Ridiculous. I'm too cheap and too broke right now, so I bought Layni a hotdog and pop to support cancer research and we headed home instead. Lysa kicked around watching her Foursquare DVD while Layni and I had fun raking the yard and making a HUGE pile of branches, pine cones and needles to jump on top of. Marty came home (with Mattias who had lots of fun playing ball with his friends) and looked at me as if I was crazy. "Why don't you just put it into the green waste container instead of making a big pile in the yard?" I explained to Marty the difference between getting a kid to rake for two hours to make a big cool pile to jump on, which is fun, versus raking for two hours to put it in the green waste bin, which is work. Still not sure that he got it, but Layni definitely understood the difference ;) And the yard looks great! Tonight Layni watched the latest Barbie movie (The Diamond Castle) which makes me happy that she's still not too cool for that yet. When I was eight, I was eight. She's eight going on sixteen which scares me sometimes!

Three years ago, I wrote about the wonder of Layni learning to ride a two-wheeler all by herself. Well, yesterday at school, Lysa got her tricycle adjusted and was riding it all by herself! I guess she had so much fun zooming around, trying to run people over and half the school staff came out to cheer her on. Wish I had been there, but she'll probably bring it home for the summer so I'll get to see the action soon enough... way to go, Lysa!

Last Tuesday night, we had our first drop-in crafts night at the church. We had about a dozen women who made cards, brought scrapbooking and knitting. One lovely lady brought Dutch Blitz, which had a few of us going mad... I'm sure we could have happily played all night! But since we were in a church, I managed to control my mouth. As my best friend can attest, when we play, we're yelling at and insulting each other - all in the love of Jesus, of course ;)

Okay, I've got to get to bed so I'm not grumpy tomorrow... Layni's waiting for her sleepover in my room tonight with our Webkinz (I now have two - Lincoln, the Cocoa Dino and Violet, the Spotted Dino). Good night all!

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